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KW Voice Blog: An Introduction

As a musician and instructor, I gather many thoughts on music. Constant personal research, practice, listening, pursuing graduate school, and talking with friends. You get the idea.

Here, I mainly want to talk about my thoughts on Vocal Pedagogy. Science. Trends. Repertoire. However, I also want to talk about the music I listen to. My thoughts on what makes it great, different, or unusual.

Moving away from my home state of Michigan, I quickly realized I wasn't surrounded by the people I usually talked to about music. In my time at CMU for my undergrad, you could count on the usual suspects to be in the MRC (Music Resource Center turned student lounge space, but that didn't stick as well as MRC) who you could talk to about whatever you were listening to. Whether you wanted there to be or not, there was always music to be played, discussed, edited, created, and to the instrumentalist's dismay: sung.

I would like to think of this as the more secluded MRC, a space to share thoughts. Make connections. Share the highs (and the lows) of being a musician. Oh, and lots of playlists with slightly unhinged titles. Get ready for that.
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